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About This Plan

A shareholders’ agreement can be an important way of protecting the rights of different shareholders in a company. Such agreements can also be a good way to ensure that shareholders agree on key issues, making it easier to avoid – and if necessary resolve – any future disputes.

Services Inclusions
  • Drafting the Legal Agreement and also include the following Provisions in the agreement
  • Rights of a shareholder
  • Regulations related to the transfer and sale of shares of the company
  • Financial requirements of the company
  • Requirements of quorum
  • Methods for Valuation of shares of the company
  • Guidelines to run the company
  • Guidelines to run the company
  • Protection of minority shareholders
  • 2 Reviews before final delivery
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  • Any business entity, startups, SME, MSME ( whether or not having separate legal personality), Firms, Organisations, Corporations, and Individuals.
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Information Guide

Documents To Be Submitted
  1. The documents required to be shared will depend upon the agreement/contract/notice to be drafted and shall be communicated on having an understanding of your case by our experts.

  • Does a shareholders agreement override a will??

    Does a shareholders' agreement override articles? No, a shareholders' agreement will not override the Articles – if there is a conflict, then the articles will prevail .

  • Do all shareholders need to sign a shareholders agreement??

    Does everyone have to sign a shareholders' agreement? A shareholder cannot be compelled to sign a shareholders' agreement – i.e. each shareholder should enter into it voluntarily .

  • Is a shareholders agreement legally binding? ?

    Once a shareholders agreement has been signed it should be legally binding, provided that it complies with the usual 4 aspects of a contract: offer, acceptance, consideration, and an intention to create legal relations.

  • What is the purpose of shareholders agreement??

    It outlines the rights, obligations of the shareholders, and provisions related to the management and the authorities of the company. The purpose of the agreement is to protect the interests of the shareholders; especially minority shareholders i.e the ones holding less than 50% of shares in the company.

  • What happens if there is no shareholders agreement??

    If there is no shareholders agreement in place, for as long as shareholders agree with the way the company's affairs are managed and are happy with the relationships between themselves and the company, then no problems are likely to occur. .

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