The Customer agrees to pay all amounts due for Services at the time the Customer orders them. All amounts are non-refundable unless otherwise mentioned. The Company reserves the right to change the prices and fees at any time, and such changes shall be posted online at this Site and effective immediately without need for further notice to the Customer. If the Customer has purchased or obtained Services for a period of months or years, changes in prices and fees shall be effective when the Services in question come up for renewal.

1.1  Fees:For Domestic Customers, Easifyy does not charge any Service & Platform Fees. For international Customers, Easifyy Charges would be 5% Service and Platform Fee to recover Payment Gateway Expenses and other Platform Usage Costs.

1.2  Payment criteria: Every Customer who books a Services with a Professional Service provider by creating an Order on Easifyy has to make Order Payments either in full or in Milestones. All payments made are held by Easifyy in its account and is settled to the Professional Service Provider either on Milestone completion or on Order completion. Customers agrees to deposit all payments with Easifyy before the complete delivery of Order. Where a Customer defaults in depositing the complete Order payments with Easifyy before the completion of the Order, Easifyy reserves the right to put the Order on standby and/or cancel the order and/or forfeit any Order payments already made on the respective Order. Further, Easifyy Assurance will be revoked and shall not be applicable. Easifyy shall not take any responsibility for Order completion and Order delivery. Easifyy shall not refund any Order Amount paid or Order payments made by the Customer. Further, Easifyy reserves the right to forfeit the Order Amount paid or Order payments made by the Customer for the respective Order. Easifyy also reserves the right to deactivate and/or suspend the Customer Account from immediate effect. It is clarified that the payment by Customer shall always mean the actual amount realized from the respective Customer in Company’s bank account . Nevertheless, Easifyy shall not be held responsible for any issues pertaining to the services or the payment terms. Company shall never be responsible and liable for any losses, damages and /or expenses incurred by the customer in respect of any loss if access and/or use or interruption or any issue/glitches in the use of the payment gateway platform by the customer while making payments for the services availed.

1.3  Taxes: Taxes shall be extra and shall be charged as per the applicability.

1.4  Refund Policy/Failed Transaction: Where it is substantially found that the Professional Service Provider has defaulted in Order Completion, the Customer is eligible to get the refund of amount paid to the Company without any interest or claims whatsoever. However, where the Professional Service Provider could not complete the delivery of work due to the below mentioned reasons, the Customer shall not be eligible for any refund :

  • Changes in Government Policy and Regulations
  • Where the delivery of the Order is dependent on Government Authorities
  • Due to Force Majeure events as described below
  • Such other acts or events beyond the control of the Professional Service Provider

For Failed /Stuck Transactions all Payments would be release within 15 Working Days with Same Payment method OR the Customer may adjust for booking the Service again with written consent and submit the proof of Identity.

2  If the Customer cancels the order for any reason whatsoever, the Customer shall not be eligible for any refund or claims. However, the Company’s decision shall be final in case of any ambiguity pertaining to refund matter and such decision shall be binding on the Customer without any demur.

3  The Customer agrees that where refunds are issued to the Customer’s Payment Method, our issuance of a refund receipt is only confirmation that Easifyy has submitted the Customer’s refund to the Payment Method charged at the time of the original sale, and that Easifyy has no control over when the refund will be applied towards the Customer’s Payment Method’s available balance. The Customer further acknowledges and agrees that the payment provider and/or individual issuing bank associated with the Customer’s Payment Method establish and regulate the time frames for posting the Customer’s refund, and that such refund posting time frames may range from five (5) business days to a full billing cycle, or longer.

3  For any terms/clarification, please refer EASIFYY UNIVERSAL CUSTOMER TERMS OF SERVICE.


If user have any questions about this policy, please contact us at [email protected].